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Patients' Front / Socialist Patients' Collective (H)


Three fundamental matters:

Iatrocracy on a World-wide Scale

Work papers 

Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence


The Complete Concept of Illness

Identity of Illness and Capital

Illness is substance and subject, also of all revolutions

Our theory of revolution (outline)

Theses and Principles:
11 x ILLNESS  (From the book "SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon")

11 Theses on Illness
Our summary of the conclusions that have been drawn with regard to SPK/PF(H) since 1984, in part repeatedly, in the periodicals ASSEMBLEA and INVARIANTI, Italy.

The secret of illness is human species
How to apply the concept of illness

Timeline SPK

The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium

The world depends on you, on the SPK/PF(H)
(Statement  from Vandalusia - ¡Enfermedades uníos!)

Numbers and Supernumeraries

Against all science

The specific, species-creating characteristic of the human species ... has now become entirely the medical profession’s secret cause
(Preface to SPK-Documentation Part 3)


Crash-down of the all dominating medical doctors’ class’ programme

Transparency-Retranslation (Transparenz-Rueckuebertragung) of our translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Preface to: SPK – Aus der Krankheit eine Waffe machen (SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon) into English

Why Medical Doctors’ Class? Why Iatro-Capitalism?
Why Socialist Patients’ Collective?

But there also exists an explosive mixture of bungled life and consciousness ... (radio transmission)


Stop the medical doctors' iatrobiontic warfare all over the world!
Stop the medical health dictatorship!


What to do against medical doctors and clinics
What to do against examinations


How everybody can do Patients' Front themselves: MFE = Multi-focal expansionism

More and more people are in favor of illness and make use of it in their own ways and interests, according to the principle of MFE (multi-focal expansionism). MFE focus arose and came into being, also in other countries, on other continents. They all prefer serving illness free from authority instead of continuing under the delusion that as ladies and gentlemen they may go on day and night with the business of their personal immortality using authority and power, property and profit and much "culture", naturally always to the disadvantage of people like themselves.


Defend yourselves against the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm (so-called assisted dying, euthanasia). Attack!


 Genetics = Genocide


On the electronic class struggle


Attacks against mass media shitheads and SPK-falsificators

In the present situation of the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, anyone who denigrates us, PF/SPK(H), and also if he only makes an attempt, exemplarily any mass media shit-head, commits mass-slaughter against the patients’ class everywhere


The way out of torture is paved with broken doctors


The University of Heidelberg and the primary (proto-)medical Modern EuthaNAZIsm


Other pathopractical actions and statements in specified application of illness, on current occasions


Bibliography of  Writings of Illness (publications in English)