Complete bare-cutting

To the sordid business of those who hate illness, to the traitors of patients in general, to the looters and exploiters of the SPK of the 70ties we of the PF/SPK(H) have put a stop. None of the alien Internet-entries on this matter could stand up to any of the legal proceedings that were instituted by us. The one who compares what has been left over of these entries will know that there also is not to think much of the remaining rest, and, as a precaution, he wonít go on publishing anything else unless he has previously compared it to our texts or unless he has previously achieved an agreement with us by contacting us directly.

No one will any longer believe even one single word about the SPK, told by a Stockholm-artificial-bungler and step-RAF (Stief-RAFfke), were he not a reporter from the red-light district of Rio, no one will believe it, if he knows that this selfsame bungler, according to his auto-diagnosis, is politicized only up to 10% while the other 90% of his energy, by consequence, are falling by the psychotic wayside in order to keep down his fears of becoming insane, what nevertheless and on the top of all it's this what has put him in the position to publish, against prior agreements, the confidential correspondence of a womenís collective of Tübingen (Germany), because he, as a political, that is in public, and by consequence as far as others are concerned, considers himself no longer being tied to any agreement and promise, while, on the converse and as far as he is the concerned one, this is not the case on the part of said women. How should he know, how should his readers in Rio de Janeiro and his listeners in Darmstadt know, thatís not because of a deed or because of a property whatsoever that he has been in jail for 20 years, but rather because of the simple reason that there exists the ruling doctors' class with all their standards, institutions and courts? For 23 ½ years about one dozen patients out of the Patientsí Front were locked up in prison for reason of the SPK of the 70ties. They understood very well the before outlined political context. How could they otherwise even only have dreamed of having been in the SPK, ever, and surely not only have dreamed, and this not so in vain, as this selfsame bungler?!

The world has now entered the stage of iatrobiontic warfare (a daily and deathly warfare made in U.S.A., which is being carried out insidiously). Itís precisely these facts of the matter that our complete bare-cutting against the media is concerned with. There is rarely one country, and be it, for instance, also in South America, that can afford to work without having knowledge of our writings. The hit-counter of our site on the Internet ( is indicating the rapidly increasing rate of interest. Every day, many a people are becoming victims of this murderous iatrobiontic warfare. Also against this there exists the illness-warfare-collective PF/SPK(H), in continuation since 1965. To force and enforce publicly the fake-secure and foolproof presentation of the latter in the media is by far no longer only up to us, but it has become the cause of the species in its well-meant pro-illness interest, which is the only revolutionary one.

By the way, the alien entries on the Internet, especially the US-American ones, how roughly and necessity-driven repaired they ever may be, are presented in a way that the term "terrorism" is at least adorning the frame. In the meantime, and because of the inflationary use of this term, every ordinary watchman, so you can hear for instance from Vienna, is sick and tired of it in such a way that even officials wish for themselves a more worthwhile wage-labor. In an old US-version, on the Internet here, the SPK of the 70ties is being presented on a trial basis as "the uttermost dangerous, perhaps in general". Bravo! Bravissimo!! Dangerous to whom, dangerous to whose species poisoning interests, or essential and inalienable to whose species producing interest, that is not written down there, of course. To distinguish between terrorism and therapiSSm in a way that any confusion is being excluded, as is well known, has been rejected insistently by the US-constitution already during its very first consultations (HEALTHwar terrorism --). In another alien, but more updated entry the "uttermost dangerous" has healthily shrunk (gesundgeschrumpft) becoming the "most refined", however extraordinarily fascinating one. And the laughter is on our side; because they will be laughing on the other side of their faces. Yes, iatrobiontically.

Well, so long then, but only till the next complete bare-cutting.

May 7, 2002
hu, PF/SPK(H)