Locked up people are attacking the therapy

Where the patient’s resistance is a given fact of the matter, pathopractice can be positioned as a lever. By consequence, also behind the walls of asylums and similar institutions. Turning Iatrarchy itself into a clinical case and criminalizing it from the outside [die Iatrarchie von aussen klinisieren und kriminalisieren], that’s what matters. Target of the clinicalization by attacking it with medical categories [Klinisierung] is the judicial complex; target of the criminalization [Kriminalisierung] is the medical complex.



Since last Monday patients imprisoned in the bedlam state psychiatry hospital of Wiesloch [Jagdschein-Knallburg Wiesloch] are refusing medication and defend themselves against a medical programmed lifelong vegetating in which all tyranny is declared medical therapy (compulsory labor, compulsory medication, reclusion in isolation and social dislocation, the complete denial of any right).

Having experienced it on their own skin they are most thoroughly aware of the effects of the daily swallowing of pills and of being given shots of psychiatric drugs: numbness, fatigue, dead eyes like a fish, destruction of sexuality, slow destruction of thought, obesity, apart from numerous unexplored side effects. Who defends himself against such "healing" (= violence) must appear "crazy" only to those who still think of medicine in terms of health, life, happiness, instead of what it really is: sheer violence, terror, exploitation.

The medical violence is psychiatrizing factories and homes (from Diazepam to Amphetamine) and it is industrializing the asylums (from compulsory labor to forced labor), it is conditioning crises and wars by pills and slogans, by isolating, dislocating, torturing people and putting them into the long-term effective chemical straitjacket. It is the silent and all pervasive form of a civil war from above, the required and forced submission by the means of milligram-magic and megaton-ABC in the sign of the deadly terror in white. Psychiatric drugs are the completion of the society of subjects as chemistry, are the chronic long-term effective complement to the more acutely acting napalm bomb and bacteriological warfare.

Here it’s Diazepam – in Vietnam, it’s Napalm

The same corporation, the same system – world wide!

But medical power has a huge Achilles heel! In contrast to the power in the shape of "the police – your friend and helper" with their fatal first shot [Todes-Vorschuss], the medical power stands and falls with the trust bestowed upon it in advance [Vertrauens-Vorschuss].

If medical power lacks the trust of the people and the affected ones, there is backfire.

Thus the patients’ refusal to take their medicine hits the ‘bull’s eye’. Not only refusal to work, and therefore still exploitable by the doctors, but absolute negation of the exploitation by Capital and Medicine – and this way totally indigestible to the system. If patients find their strength even in the ‘madhouse’, this last and most brutal bastion of the doctors, the security of the pigs dressed in white is endangered to the utmost. Once the demarcation line between reason and madness, that last ideological fish hook of the rulers to bring in line all the people with their interests, is broken, the patients’ struggle is aiming at all and everything. The patients have renounced any partial struggle, and in their refusal as absolute negation of the established, there is an all-encompassing will!



Wiesloch, November 27, 1976

The medical doctors as root of class domination

Each society is founded on the basis of scarcity (= inability to satisfy the needs of all). This scarcity incorporated in the society, manifests itself as illness (shortcoming of life), struggle of each against each other, each a threat to the existence of the other, each and everyone being potentially redundant, that is supernumerary.

The solution to the problem as executed by those in power: elimination of scarcity by extermination of the supernumeraries.

Selectors of the supernumeraries were and have always been the medical doctors. – Being ill themselves (unproductive) and thus supernumeraries themselves they could escape their own elimination only by setting themselves up as the masters of life and death ("I am the LORD, thy Healer", Moses, Bible) and by determining, as self-appointed holders of the monopoly of murder, what needs are, what someone is lacking, who and what is not in step (thus ‘dis-located’, ‘mad’), and by putting the supernumeraries on the death budget.

The political patients’ line that is getting hold of illness, comprehending and surviving it, as long as it is attacking the medical doctors, is as old as the Stone Age.

Also Jacob Boehme (about 1600) comprehended this when he wrote that all "suffering" ("Leydenheit", illness) wants "revolutionary fulfillment". Wherever, therefore, illness gives rise to the development of protest and resistance against medical determination, this revolutionary illness is being mendaciously and medi-cynically falsified and as revolutionary fulfillment taken away, evicted from earth and cleaned out.

In the bedlam state psychiatry hospital of Wiesloch, the patients’ political line is continued: the battle against the milligram-wise administered medical violence (iatrocracy) in which a small group of patients have joined 7 weeks ago behind the concrete walls of Wiesloch can no longer be suppressed. More and more patients have identified the medical doctor, whose deadly therapy they were swallowing reluctantly for years, trusting in "health" and "early release", as the real originator and administrator of their suffering, and they realize that their denial of the toxic substances is the first step to break the medical blood spell.

Dr. Bechtold (medical boss of the Wiesloch-Jagdschein-Knallburg) is hoping in vain that his "therapy" has damaged the patients to the point that they can no longer live without drugs and are forced by withdrawal symptoms to surrender to his medical power. But the patients can get on very well without this ‘drug carpet’ that kills all feelings, emotions and mental activities. So well that Dr. Bechtold now must resort to lies and denunciations ("The patients come back, crawling on hands and knees, and wanting medication."). But even this strikes back at him: not any patient gives up, – on the contrary, more and more patients are joining the denial of medication!

His idea to catch the patients’ resistance by means of psychiatric reform tools, such as those practiced in the Central Institute of Mental (Racial)Hygiene in Mannheim, run by Dr. Heinz Haefner, only means a change of weapons. The patients have long since realized that the Reform Psychiatry is but a strategy of reconquest employed by those in power to cause confusion in order to best ensure that the "deviants" can no longer distinguish between friend and foe. The essence of medically managed illness, which consists in trimming the patient so that he is complying with value and violence, has revealed itself in the phenomenon of the loony bins. The resistance that is developing against this is supposed to be recaptured by a neatly woven web of elaborate techniques (group dynamics, Gestalt therapy, painting therapy). A brainwashing based on the cooperation of the patient that means his complete destruction.

To break the front of the patients that refuse medication Dr. Bechtold does not refrain from putting patients, wrapped up in shrouds (so-called strait-nightgown), in the infamous gas chamber: this 2 x 3 m "large" room with no window, the open defecation bucket, no fresh air – all this is part of the modern torture that leaves no scars but produces metabolic disorders by oxygen deprivation and causes death in the long run. The mummy linen in which the patient is wrapped up and which does not allow any movement, causes a build-up of aggression: the imprisoned patient is thus induced to direct the anger against himself: to "solve" "his" problem by himself by committing "sui"cide. But even this way the patients’ resistance cannot be broken.

To this, here is the letter of a female patient:

At present, it’s still the patient that gets eliminated, but the day will come when the skin of a physician on the scales of life will not weigh heavy anymore! Maybe the time has come already, but the press will be very careful not to write about it, and the medical profession will stifle such reports, because they are already afraid. You should give careful thought to it.

A patient who is fed up with it



Herewith I declare my refusal to be treated any longer with neuroleptics and other psychopharmaca as applied by the physicians and medical guards of the

(fill in: name of the hospital/institution) ........................................................

I call attention to the fact that a treatment with psychopharmaca violently undertaken without my consent and against my will, whether with injections i.m. or with medicine secretly mixed in the food, fullfill the penal facts of dangerous bodily injury respectively the penal facts of heavy bodily injury (according to penal law) which can be punished with imprisonment up to five years. But equally any attempt to force me by threat to take the medicines mentioned above, can be gravely punished as duress in the sense of the penal code.

What everybody knows, I had to experience at my own body as object of a medical experiment: the medicine which is applied to me and which at most stabilises the illness or covers the symptoms is not able to cure my illness, because it does not reach the cause of my suffering.

In contrary: The main point of attack especially of the neuroleptics is – as well known – the axis between the diencephalon and the hypophysis which irreversibly gets destroyed by long-time treatment. By this I get deprived of any possibility to unite my feelings, wishing, hoping and my will with my thinking brain, not to speak about the secondary effects (i.e. extrapyramidal symptoms).

I know, that the chemical strait-jacket three times a day aims to transform me slowly but sincerely into a will-less robot, who is just good enough to turn screws or to plane planks.

By the daily impoisoning I am submitted in the

(fill in: name of the hospital/institution) ........................................................,

the chance of a release on conditions dwindles year by year. The slowing down of the formation of thoughts, corpulence, impotence, eyes like a dead fish: that is not my illness but the result of the murderous treatment. By not knowing the mentioned interrelations the judges who formally have to decide about my staying here every year, may be confirmed in their saying that they can not justify a release on conditions, but in any case the judges are pinned down to the false stereotypical statement of the physicians who say that "in the personality structure of the patient nothing has changed since the last examination".

My refusal to take the life-destroying chemicals any longer is the first step on my way to the release from the

(fill in: name of the hospital/institution) ........................................................,

because by that at least a spreading of the disease

(fill in: name of the hospital/institution) ............................................ is prevented for my person.



Place / Date / Signature


Where the patient’s resistance is a given fact of the matter, pathopractice can be positioned as a lever. By consequence, also behind the walls of asylums and similar institutions. Turning Iatrarchy itself into a clinical case and criminalizing it from the outside [die Iatrarchie von aussen klinisieren und kriminalisieren], that’s what matters. Target of the clinicalization by attacking it with medical categories [Klinisierung] is the judicial complex; target of the criminalization [Kriminalisierung] is the medical complex. In this way, the Iatrarchy is being split and broken down. Power is being rearchaicalised to magic, violence to an unhealthy (!) "value". The hospitalized patient refuses uncompromisingly to take any medicine. He has transmitted a written declaration to the administration according to which he will be bringing the physician before the criminal justice for grievous bodily harm, in case of a coercive treatment.

The judiciary authority will react sooner or later in a publicly medical manner, the physician in a publicly criminal manner. Illness has then succeeded in breaking up the structure of value, the whole humbug of the Iatrarchy at its important seam; succeeded in retransforming jurists in clinical cases and physicians in white bloodhounds.

At this regard the following example: Since October 1976, 14 patients confined behind the walls of a hospital are effectuating a collective strike against medical drugs [Medikamentenstreik]. Front patients supporting their strike from the outside were informed that they themselves were being spied wherever they were going, out from an apartment, which had been secretly rent on purpose for spying them, with equipments carted along on trucks. The psychiatry-boss, as he was being weakened by the patients’ resistance and kept in check by the unleashed force of illness, had persuaded the Ministry of Justice of the region that a behaviour-diagnosing preventive recognition and recording of the "violence-positive" patients’ resistance outside the walls of the hospital was imperative. The Parliament and the print media did not object to it.

With a view to this, on St. Valentine’s Day a patient walked through the streets and public buildings distributing flowers. The police arrested him temporarily, as it was to be expected, for his wearing a monk’s cowl. The press and the priests were making investigations wherever desired, provoking an immense scandal to the police. That’s because the whole thing was lacking any visible connection to politics. But the informers to the white-coated bloodhounds stowed their diagnostic junk in transporters and disappeared hurriedly. Their hideout had burst irreparably.

Since that day the two lawyers who have been taking action to forward the patients’ resistance are threatened harder and harder with an official debarment from practicing the legal profession [Berufsverbot]. They have been cited before the disciplinary court of the professional association of lawyers for offending judiciary authorities [Ehrengerichtsverfahren wegen Kraenkung der Justiz]. To succeed in this offence, 11 "insults" in 4 years were enough: so, for instance, that the lawyers write "madhouse", instead of "mental hospital"; that they attack the judiciary authorities for being "the worm-like appendix of the medical power", instead of attacking them at least as the state monopoly of power, etc.

(from Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence, 1977)

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