This continuation of the criminal complaint against the WHO henchmen, too, may be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Berlin by everybody.

The first criminal complaint already was a welcome occasion for many people to take action. The public prosecutor received mail from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, Austria and from overseas, e.g. from Canada. And he had to answer: see the file number in the following.


To the
Staatsanwaltschaft beim Landgericht Berlin
Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Berlin District Court
Turmstr. 91
10548 Berlin


File Number: 61 Js 5980/09

Info: distribution list

Ref.: Criminal Complaint dated 26.08.2009

1. against the Robert-Koch-Institute

2. against the so-called Permanent Commission on Vaccination (Staendige Impfkommission)

3. against the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute

4. against all prospective subsequent medical accomplices at the local public health offices

amongst others because of

The preliminary proceedings are to be handed over to the Federal Public Prosecutor. The named crimes fall under his jurisdiction.

All files kept by the accused are to be confiscated, without warning.

Nowadays, botch-up is done nowhere else that much than on life itself. And there is no doubt that it is the medical doctor who has got the most direct access to life. What is indeed appearing in the form of life is nothing but illness. Under the pretext of illness the medical doctor is acting and practicing in all fields: botching, eliminating and eradicating life.

The medical doctors’ newest botch-up against life: vaccination, under the pretext of the so-called swine flu.

Additional incriminating evidence against the accused perpetrators:

1. The World Health Organization arbitrarily changed the existing criteria so they could declare a pandemic that didn’t exist. The aim and purpose: medicine profits and expansion of the medical terror rulership across the globe. By now that is more than evident. The Council of Europe is conducting an investigation against the World Health Organization. For the same reasons the Dutch parliament has initiated proceedings against the World Health Organization and their assistants and helpers.

2. A vaccination campaign has been planned for years, long before there was any talk of a "swine flu". The contracts for the purchase of whatever by the governments date from the year 2007. That could not be a "vaccine against …", because at that time there wasn’t anything anywhere to be vaccinated against. In the medical profiteers’ plain language: you buy our stuff first, then we will fabricate a fitting "illness".

In 2009 there wasn’t so much a "vaccination against a new flu" (it didn’t exist) as rather was the purchased medical filth disposed of in a big operation, into the bodies of the people. There were dead people, injured people and grievously harmed people.

3. One of the terrorist organisations under criminal charge, the so-called Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI), meanwhile has issued a report: in Germany alone 1377 people have been damaged, there were 48 dead people. Thus the perpetrators have admitted that there were 1377 bodily harms and 48 dead.

There were even many more dead and crippled people but they are trying to cover it up. Autopsies have been omitted, documents are kept under lock and key. In juridical terms: suppression of evidence. Therefore: all files are to be confiscated, without warning!

4. There was no swine flu, no virus, nothing to vaccinate against. The solely real existing "virus" (English: poison) was the medical filth that 48 people died from.

A weighing up and balancing of an alleged "benefit of the vaccination" on the one hand and the thereby caused damage and deaths on the other hand – like the perpetrators did (PEI-report) – is a ridiculing of the injured and the dead: juggling with numbers attempting to save their neck. That was of no use even to a Laval (French Nazi-collaborator: the thousands he had sent into the Gas Chambers should – in favour of him – be compared with those he had not deported. This did not avert his execution).

There is nothing to weigh up, there is no benefit. There is only damage, exactly: 1377 bodily harmed people and 48 dead because of the vaccination, 1377 bodily harmed people and 48 dead because of greediness (in terms of criminal law: base motives, constituant fact of murder). Leadership and in command of the deeds: the medical doctors, these HEAL-terrorists with their greed for world domination.

Concerning criminal law the matter is obvious and the arraignment is mandatory.

The deed: an act of terror with 48 dead and 1377 injured.

The perpetrators: see above, those under criminal charges.

They are to be arrested and brought to trial.

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Latest News, Conclusions, Outlook

In Bosnia-Herzegovina the WHO vaccinates "against hepatitis" since 2002. This medical doctors’ epidemic plague has invaded many homes. Afflicted families with their crippled children have recognised the connection. Now they have filed criminal charges against the WHO.

In Haiti, after the earthquake, vaccinations are done – against the measles(!).

In Mexico the medical doctors make a new attempt: vaccination raids in underground railway stations and in supermarkets, with mobile task forces of the doctors. Occupied territory.

The WHO vaccination programme in Africa, allegedly against infant mortality, had the result that among the vaccinated children twice as many had died compared to areas where no vaccination took place. The therapeutic mass murder is even more insidious than mass murder because it is perfidiously disguised as help.

Without medical doctors people live longer. No distress and plight that couldn’t be better solved without a medical doctor.

Imperialistic invaders, e.g. in Afghanistan, encounter armed resistance. But there is no resistance at all against the iatro-imperialistic invasion of the White Army. They are operating unrecognised.

If the usurpers are medical doctors and if they bring their ideology-gun "health" into position, even resistance fighters with long front line experience lay down their arms; and they don’t even notice that they capitulated. The WHO-doctors ("vaccination campaign against polio") are under the Taliban’s protection.

It could catch one’s eye that the vaccination programmes and the related money go particularly to geostrategically important countries, e.g. to Mongolia and Azerbaijan. They receive the money on the condition of "building up a medical infrastructure" and the WHO-doctors who are therefore stationed in the countries can map, register, infiltrate, observe and obstruct unopposed.

Over here no talking about vaccinations anymore. At the beginning of the year massive sneezing, coughing, sweating and fever, far more than in autumn. So what would have been more obvious than using that to spread terror ("New Wave of Flu! Many Dead!") and pushing vaccinations? But they bewared (the Federal Criminal Police Office is said to have placed the president of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute under police protection. Meanwhile he resigned. His doctor colleague, the president of the Robert-Koch-Institute – also under criminal charges –, just today hastily left behind office and income). No attempts to revive the vaccination campaign.

Wonder why? Over here, the shock strategy, the therapeutic terror, made no impact. People were immune, vaccinations were refused en masse. Thanks to the SPK, just 40 years strong!

The pathopractic of confrontation:

If you see a doctor / Knock him down at once!

is in propagation and implementation, folk-tune-like, by the many, who are taught by experience and with a ready-to-jump immune defence system, at the same time offence system, strengthened by illness free of medical doctors.

That means: if vaccinations are done or not, that has nothing to do with any real course of disease. Instead with the state of class struggle between the patients’ class and the doctors’ class.

Vaccination-ideology assumes "viruses", blamed as "pathogenic germs" for illness. Meanwhile the structure of every virus was successfully decoded:

V = veiling of the social, iatro-capitalist condition of illness

 I = isolating people from each other

R = restraining the protest out of illness

U = undertaking an offensive against uproar

S = shooting down rising solidarity

There was and is this virus only, phantasmal substratum of an extermination ideology against everything that is ill, subversive, insurrectionary.

And there are only these antibodies and no other: that’s the bodies of the people who are against it, in confontation against the medical doctors, in one word: patients’ front, patients’ class, transnational, in bodily confrontation against the doctors’ class.

Only who is pro illness and not against it, can break the medical spell of HEAL.

Everything depends on the illusion "health" –, something which never has existed and which never will exist, exceptly as a product of illusion nourishing Nazism in all its past and coming variations (HEILwesen).

The medical doctors’ class’ monopoly stands or falls with the trust the patient has in the doctor. That is the Achilles’ heel of the doctors’ class: the trust of the treated ones. Being accepted by society as a whole and in both its presumptions and under all circumstances and by one and by all, that is the life-line of iatrocracy.

But the axe has been layed to the their root – since the beginning of SPK and increasingly to this day.

It was not for some "critical information", available on the internet, which has led to this defeat of iatrocracy – like the WHO chief complains. In fact, nobody believes anymore in what the doctors say. Reason: the trust is down the drain and that is consequence and result of confrontation.

Only confrontation is information. "Enlightening", "revealing" and "criticising" don’t move anything, are long since incorporated and exploited as that welcome extra something in the soup of pseudo-democracy.

Confrontation against the jackers and solidarity among each other, that is what it’s all about. People do no longer believe anything the jackers say. They believe the likes of them.

In future there will exist more and more groups formed by special forces of illness, developing real in-dividuation (Multi-Focal Expansionism). This is the true infection, ignition and inflammation, the igniting wildfire, the insurrectionary illness festivity of revolutionary pathopractics!

Make use of your own experiences about illnesses and put fantasy into action.

Let's go west,
gold' illness dawns best

Illnesses of the world, unite!

PF/SPK(H), March 1st, 2010

 Criminal charges against WHO henchmen