Proposal for a text for international use concerning SPK. Overview.


The Socialist Patients' Collective (SPK), founded and authorized by Huber, WD,, and its continuous proceeding as Patients' Front (PF), nowadays PF/SPK(H) (1965 up to now) became publicly known in 1970. SPK never denied illness, like others did and do it until now. For the SPK illness really did exist, real illness caused by the system, in psychiatry just like in all other parts of medicine. For the first time SPK introduced illness into medicine (SPK), later on into juridical matters (KRANKHEIT IM RECHT). PF/SPK(H) is fighting pro and in favor of illness and against all doctors and against Capitalism. PF/SPK(H) applies illness(!) as a weapon of collective liberation and of revolutionary change in all areas of life, of social, economic, political and so-called natural life.

In the SPK of 1970/71 at the University of Heidelberg the patients had come to the SPK - as they did already when coming to Huber into the Psychiatrische Poliklinik - due to accidents, botched operations, accidental poisoning, electroshock-trauma etc. Most of them were wage-dependent people, there among young and elder craftsmen and workers, more employed than unemployed, also retired people, housewives, university graduated people, students and children.

The doctors' class must be abolished, the classless society is the aim,
psychiatry is camouflage, anti-psychiatry is part of it and an accompanying worsening.

In fact, the doctors' class is the only ruling class nowadays, dominating governments, military etc. Modern warfare is, as pointed out by PF/SPK(H), iatrobiontic warfare, done by the use and the fabrication of the so-called Abc weapons, medically developped, researched, applied and evaluated. The three highest generals of the U.S. army in Europe are medical doctors and specialized epidemiologists, not all bearing the name Hatfill.

In every part of nature exists species, except on the level of human beings. The secret of illness is the human species (Menschengattung). Everyone is tied to particular illness (Einzelkrankheit) which objectively aims at the creation of human species (Gattung). But the doctors reinforce the particular illness to make money out of it. So the doctors abort the human species, before it exists. Genetics is the genocide of the Third Millennium.

The species' revolutionary generation instead of clonization!

And it works: PF/SPK(H), attacking the doctors' class by all means (Jean-Paul Sartre) since more than thirty-five years, has already realized its own society liberated from all doctors, rejecting comments, done by people not linked to the practical work of PF/SPK(H), not linked to pathopractice, and therefore their comments being wrong and mistaken from the origin.

Most known among the meanwhile many publications of PF/SPK(H) is the book SPK - Turn illness into a weapon with a preface by the founder of the SPK, Huber, WD, and a preface by Jean-Paul Sartre. The publications are available in the most important languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German and Greek). See also

Nobody can deal with SPK without the essentials mentioned in the above text.

Put pathopractice in command!
Create multi-focal expansionism!
Transform particular illness into human species!