Mandate for Bloodbath

The planned organ procurement law gives the medical doctors the go-ahead for murder. Government and Parliament cover with their hand of law the murdering doctors, lest any should kill them.

The people are against organ donation. Those from the talking and cudgel machine override them. Should it stay this way?

The moment our attacking text had been released, picked up and spread by many in content, speech and writing, there was criticism against the law. Just one week had passed since the all-party coalition in favour of murder had stepped in front of the television cameras in freshly painted harmony. Now, the first cracks.

Would the plaster last till the murder-law had passed? To smooth over the cracks, there was conformity glue – different opinions shouldn’t get a chance to speak in Parliament – and ideological whitewash (once religion, today science as a religion, the same priest-trickery): unscheduled and in haste, just one day before the parliamentary debate, the so-called German Ethics Council showcased a panel discussion on "Brain Death and Organ Removal".

A misleading title, as soon became evident. In fact, it was an event on caging. Indeed, on caging. There, on the podium, they sat lined up, the bred-specimens of academic caging, brain and heart and beak trimmed. Wordily they glossed over what really matters. Tortuous talk about "new insights on the end of human life."

What for? In order not to get their fingers burned. Everyone knows: the web of lies about brain death as the end of life has been torn. Who is "brain dead", is alive. The doctor who removes organs is killing living people. The operating surgeon is a murderer.

The brain death DEFINITION is a murder-policy motivated verbal formula of the medical doctors, it is not a declaration based on facts. Do you still remember the first aid course at the driver's licence lessons?: "Unless the head lies next to the body or the body is rotting, you have to continue with the resuscitation efforts, you mustn’t stop. He's still alive and can regain consciousness." The brain death DEFINITION is a privilege that the medical doctors’ class has given themselves for the sole purpose of enabling the murdering doctors to escape penal prosecution.

"Brain death" the verbal formula, slaughtering the corresponding practice.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word became murder. Details shall be regulated by the law.

The Transplantation Act of 5 November 1997 regulates (literally) the "removal of organs from dead donors."

No dead person has ever donated an organ. They all were still alive.
They were killed by the organ removal.

The right to life no longer exists. The people’s representatives have sacrificed it to the medical doctors.

That’s the open secret: Every doctor who transplants organs, and that means: who kills people alive, is a murderer and a case for the public prosecutor. Who has approved the law in 1997, and who agrees now again, is an accomplice of this criminal organisation.

Inside, at the panel discussion, not a word of it. They certainly have a cage to lose, a university cage, a name-cage, a good-reputation-cage, a civil servant’s appointment-cage [Bestallung, literally: assignment to a cage], including official car, position at the institute, additional income, bribes and research funding, these scientists. It’s science-against-mankind, from Dr. Mengele-Auschwitz to Hiroshima, Chernobyl and Fukushima, with all their HEIL & HEALTH, that beastly NAZI-dumb pipe dream, only to well known it makes you want to vomit.

Outside, it looked different. Who went in, had already read our leaflet, had heard our slogans, knew therefore what the point is:

The medical doctors prey on body organs. Make front against it!

Patients say NO

Don’t let them steal your organs!

NO, NO, NO and again NO!

Euthanasia only for the murderous medical doctors’ class!

Who is "brain dead" is alive!

Nobody needs to justify himself for his clear and uncompromising, un-buyable NO, NO, NO!

Organ donation is vivisection

Euthanasia = EuthaNAZIa

Put all organ slaughterers under criminal charges!

Only confrontation is information

If you see a doctor / knock him down at once!

Away with the heap of cadavers, called the medical doctors’ class!

The doctors themselves do not donate their organs – wonder why?

Stop the medical doctors’ opinion terror!

Number one cause of death – the medical doctor.

The people are clearly against organ procurement! Talking directly to people we could notice that once again. They are amazed when they realise that others, too, are absolutely against it.

The fourth power and fifth column of the medical doctors’ class, is trying to crush the protest. Their hit lines force people to consent. Throughout the media they claim that there is in the population a "great willingness to donate organs", which is not true. Tendentious lies with evil purposes!

Several times people come back from the event to get even more leaflets from us outside. And they not only want to read, but to do something. Yes, they say, we’ll copy the leaflet and pass it on. It was as if we had pushed open a prison door.

People found their voice again and they say:

No one is going to get my organs!

Human spare parts … robbing the dead … the doctors, these slaughterers

Here’s my anti-donor card, I keep it always with me!

To make sure that no organs are removed from your body, you must get the dissent tattooed right on your chest!

I myself was clinically dead already twice, I know what’s going on!

It’s like a ’68 demo here!

You are right: It’s patients’ class against medical doctors’ class, that’s the right way to put it, and you are doing it already!

You don’t have to shout!

Do you have any other leaflets?

What is your internet address – – great, I’ll have a look at it.

In particular, the repeated loud and unequivocal NO! NO! NO!, just to hear that meant liberation for many people. We received full support, and the people thanked us for the clarity of our arguments. Many were surprised and delighted to hear so simple but effective words. The instant reading of our agitation-text followed on the spot. We heard again and again that they had long been looking for arguments to finally be able to attack the organ slaughterers effectively. Because all want to learn to defend themselves. They just don’t know how and the immediate objective.

Reading aloud the agitation-text again and again can produce an effective channel of protest for your own offence [Kraenkung] and anger over this worst kind of human torment and exploitation.

Three people from a socio-critical internet newspaper were also there. Fully agreed with us. One of them had already heard of the SPK. At first he could just not believe it that, now, there were real Front Patients standing in front of him. Even when we said: "We don’t criticise medicine, because it fits perfectly with the dominating murderous conditions. There is nothing to criticise, medicine has got to go, completely", all the three of them agreed (agreeing is good, attacking the doctors yourself is better).

Even some of the Ethics Council received the leaflets, they whispered among themselves, but dared not to speak to us.

A doctor came by, took the leaflet carelessly, grinned disdainfully. Then, he heard our slogans. Very quiet, very serious, he said to himself: "I understand."

Another doctor gained merits in terms of clarification talking bluntly just like coming from the operating room: "Everything should be removed, all that can be removed! Without discussion, without consent!" The Front Patients yell at him "Curses on you class of doctors / go to hell to meet your kind!" Horrified expression on his face, he almost stumbled.

The philosophy class of a high school was there, too. After the teacher had read our leaflet, she sent all her pupils to us. "We are here to get the anti-position, we will discuss about it in class." They probably had been indoctrinated previously by a school propaganda film on organ theft, produced by a health insurance company in cooperation with the Federal Centre for Health Education (Bundeszentrale fuer geSSundheitliche Aufklaerung). They are after the bodies of even the 16-year-olds. Yes, this is also how child abuse can look like. Thus, our attacking text had come just right, useful also for the still young for self-defence, also against such assaults.

Already in the conference hall people had started to circulate our leaflet, and also a TV journalist had been handed over something. She came out. She said it was a must that we made a "statement" in front of the microphone. Nothing for the mass media shitheads! The right media, that’s we ourselves and the many who independently spread it widely. When it was clear that she could not bait us ("You’re missing out on an opportunity!"), she took offence and waltzed off. Everybody wants to be on TV, don’t they!

Our last leaflet went to a patient, whom the doctors had declared clinically dead already twice – and who stood in front of us alive and kicking.

The ladies and gentlemen on the podium, who keep their mouths shut and sit in their cages, what kind of people are they? What’s a bio-ethicist? Is this something you have to study for, is this a protected title? Not at all. You could also say: greengrocer. The one who must decide (since Aristotle ethics is the doctrine of self-determined, right action), whether the greens offered by him are still fresh-to-sale and alive (bio, Greek for life).

And what’s a neuro-philosopher? Another fictitious title. This one, now, philosophises about the nervous system. And what about the bones, who philosophises about the bones? And who about the blood circulation? And what about breathing? Will there be next the bone-philosopher, the blood circulation-philosopher, the breathing-philosopher? And what about the haemorrhoids, the athlete’s foot, the loss of hair? Should they stay without philosophers?

Don’t let yourselves get confused! Who calls himself bio-ethicist, neuro-philosopher or scientist, wants to sit on top, the others down below, wants to impress and silence. Surpress the mortals with the hope for HEIL & HEALTH, this beastly Nazi-dumb pipe dream. Priest-trickery, supporting the old order, to the benefit of the medical doctors’ class. It’s crunching and cracking everywhere.

The ground is about to break / more of it soon.

Even after the event, it went on. Personal impressions and comments, also from the electronic marketplace:

On the podium not a single word about all that. Sit in their cages, cash the money, keep their mouth shut, even though they know better, establish verbal formulas for the slaughtering. The others can bleed to death.

So far as to the event, a failed attempt of the medical doctors’ class to enforce silence.

Now, what a law is that, that is in need of such poor aid and muzzles?

There is no law. The politicians were given a prescription by the doctors. The medication makes hunched backs. What they call law, is lawlessness, the surrender of the people’s representatives to the medical dictatorship, the empowerment of the DOCTATORSHIP to decide at their will and unmolested by laws on the life and death of everyone.

It’s about changes in the Transplantation Act of 1997. Already then the medical doctors’ exclusive power of disposition over life and death had been established:

"The Bundesaerztekammer (German Medical Association) declares the present state of knowledge of the medical science by establishing guidelines concerning the rules that determine death."

Medical science? Guidelines?

"Brain death" the verbal formula, slaughtering and cashing the corresponding practice!

Note: The "Bundes-Aerzte-Kammer" (German Medical Association) is an association that has no legal capacity, the term "Bundes-" (i.e. Federal) not like Federal Ministry, but like Federal Association of Rabbit Breeders.

The empowerment of the medical doctors’ class has become even more evident in the new law:

"On this basis the German Medical Association makes legally relevant declarations.
As these are genuine medical rules, the guidelines, as before, are left to the right of self-organisation of the German Medical Association."

Death penalty doesn’t exist in this country anymore. What does exist: execution without trial, without appeal, without reprieve. If the medical doctors ask for body organs, someone has to die. Their "right of self-organisation" dictates that. They are the law.

A professorial bio-ethicist named Taupitz (cage in Mannheim) adds: In all questions regarding organ donation it’s of course and exclusively and indisputably the German Medical Association that possesses the ‘expertise-pooling-legitimacy’.

This expertise of the doctors has already invented the next killing verbal formula, in case the brain death definition falls: "justified killing". Yes, you heard that right, justified killing. The doctors cannot deny any longer that the practice of "brain death" means in fact the killing of the donor. Yes, they are now saying, it’s true, we kill, but we have the right to do so.

Now, how do they call that again, very telling, in the Transplantation Act? In the matter of killing, that is how one has to die and who has to die, the doctors make "legally relevant declarations". The doctors claim the right to kill all those who were chosen by them. All others lose their right, their right to life.

Expertise of the medical doctors? Extermination!

And what is meant by "right of self-organisation of the doctors"? For example, this: After the end of the war, the self-organised doctors immediately took care that the mass murder they had committed in the concentration camps did not come into publicity. In 1949, they bought up the complete edition of the documentation "The Dictation of Contempt for Mankind / Medicine without Humanity", before even a single copy could reach the bookstores. This keeps the record clean, the white coat, the doctor’s white coat. However, one copy of the book was submitted to the World Medical Association and presented as proof that "the German medical profession is undergoing a profound educational and purification process." This way, the German doctors could rejoin the World Medical Association. Meanwhile the escape aid for KZ-colleagues provided by the Red Cross continued, for example to South America (not only Mengele was there). Only a few were hanged at Nuremberg. There is no dictatorship the DOCTATORSHIP has not survived, this is for sure.

Already at that time the doctors made "legally relevant declarations", such as "hereditary disease", "inferior", "unworthy of life". The difference to today? At that time the stigmatised were supplied in cattle waggons for the medical doctors for killing. Today, there is the electronic data collection.

Denial of rights to everybody, set out in the law, autocracy of the medical doctors’ class! IATROCRACY.

The right to life no longer exists. The people’s representatives have sacrificed it to the medical doctors. None of them dares not to join in the medically prescribed forward bending. Two examples from the current debate:

After the loss of one kidney, with regard to pension and benefit law equal to a severely disabled person, accompanied by dizziness, headache, fatigue, he has to rely on the doctors, as does his wife, who, after the transplant, depends for a lifetime on medication. He and she, both are completely and utterly at the mercy of the doctors. Another one, three heart attacks and a serious brain surgery. Maybe himself waiting for a new heart (he wants everyone to be slaughtered and exploited right away, if they haven’t explicitly disagreed). The old East-heart removed, the new one won’t beat left, but in favour of the medical doctors, beyond all party lines. A hostage of the doctors, he too.

Like a junkie hooked on drugs, they are dependent on doctors, physically dependent. Should it ever occur to them to forget their slave status, their masters, the iatrocrats, will teach them drastically with the whip to cower anew: Years ago, public prosecutors in Rhineland-Palatinate, incautiously, had executed search warrants for billing fraud in several dental practices. Reaction of the dentists: "If that does not stop immediately, no public prosecutor in Rhineland-Palatinate will ever be treated again!" End of the proceedings.

There are 622 Members of Parliament. They all bow down to the DOCTATORSHIP. Is this without any alternative?

So far the medical doctors rule over word and murder and ordain the laws in a way everything turns out to their benefit:

"The German Organ Transplantation Foundation (DSO) as coordinator occupies a central position in the process of post-mortem organ donation."
(New Transplantation Act)

A post-mortem organ donation does not exist. No one has ever donated an organ after his death. They all were still alive. They were killed by the organ removal.

"The removal of organs is organised by the coordination centre (German Organ Transplantation Foundation, DSO) and carried out by physicians assigned by it."

The DSO becomes the command centre over the hospitals and its influence extends to the Netherlands. There, the organisation Eurotransplant has its office, just in the heartland of the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, where euthanasia is flourishing. Wonder why?

More killings are to be carried out, in order to increase the supply of organs. This is managed by the German Organ Transplantation Foundation, the DSO, that is: the Doers of Slaughter Organising, as its name suggests (in German: Das Schlachten Organisieren). Organised crime. At the DSO the money from the organs goes into luxury limousines and many more a thing (€ 44 million annually, a growth market). No wonder the supplies of organs shall be intensified. In future, the DSO-doctors want to debone also people who are not "brain dead". This is to become law.

And the many who despair of unbearable conditions ("burnout", "depression"), could also – euthanasia makes it possible – be utilised as organ donors. Because life is good when you live on the blood and death of others.

Organ donation is an "act of brotherly love", they say.

Brotherly love?!? BROTHERLY love ?!? BROTHERLY LOVE?!?







Patients' Front / Socialist Patients’ Collective, PF/SPK(H)

1st of May 2012


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